Storm Series

1 ~ Stormy Waters - PG
Willow thinks about her new relationship with Giles.
- Introspective piece
Status: Complete

1.5 ~ Beckoning Tides - PG-13
Giles lets his feelings for Willow slip thanks to a song.
Status: Complete

2 ~ Weathering the Storm - PG
Willow tells Buffy & Xander about Giles and her.
Status: Complete

3 ~ Gentle Showers - PG-13
Giles takes Willow on their first date.
Status: Complete

4 ~ Storm in a Teapot - PG-13
A new creature in Sunnydale interrupts Willow and Giles' plans.
Status: Complete

5 ~ Rocky Shores - PG-13
Willow and Giles take their relationship a step further.
Status: Complete



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