Title: Whispers on a Breeze
Author: Elisabeth
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Rating/Pairing: NC-17 Willow/Angelus
Warning: BDSM, D/s
Summary: Angelus needs a new toy, and he knows just where to find her.
Spoilers/Timeline: Season 2, beginning during "Innocence".
Challenge: angelusmate's Best of W/A(us) Challenge
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership over these characters. I am merely borrowing them from Joss et al.
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Author's Note: Extra special thanks to Gabrielle and Kat for the wonderful beta and all of the help and support you've given me with this fic.

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Whispers on a Breeze

'Today was a glorious day,' Angelus thought as he headed back towards the factory. Not only had he lost that annoying soul while fucking the slayer the previous night (lovely bit of irony there – the Soul finally got what it wanted only to lose it all), but he had just found the perfect new toy to entertain him.

Willow wouldn't know what hit her. This time he wasn't going to fuck up like he did with Drusilla. Sure, making her insane before making her a vampire had sounded like a good idea at the time, but then he had to live with an incoherent madwoman. No, he wouldn't break Willow's mind, he'd let her do that for herself when he was done with her.

A maniacal chuckle escaped from behind his smirk at that thought. Yes, he would have his fun with the slayer's pet hacker and then leave her to pick up the pieces.

Angel may not have spent a lot of time with the redhead, but he had learned her well. There was something to be said for sitting in the background and simply observing those around you. As reprehensible as the idea of watching from the sidelines sounded to him now, Angelus was not about to ignore information the Soul had gathered.

Willow was smart, but it was an intellectual cleverness. When it came to real life she was as naïve as they come. She lusted after her best friend and had little girl fantasies of her first kiss. Her first kiss! Her innocence radiated off of her like fine perfume. How delicious.

The idea had first occurred to him at the school. At first he was just going to scare the redhead, maybe leave a "gift" or two for her to repay her for her kindness to the Soul. But when he'd held her by the throat… Man, the innocence and fear rolled off of her in waves. It was intoxicating. It made him hard just thinking about it.

This was going to be fun!


Willow couldn't wait to go to bed. Life as she knew it was falling down around her feet and all she wanted to do was crawl under the covers and cry. Sometimes she hated having to be the good friend and not being able to reveal any of her own pain.

When she had found Xander and Cordelia kissing Willow knew what a broken heart felt like. She had known that Xander wasn't interested in her in a kissing way, but to see him with HER; Willow thought that she had stepped into an alternate universe. They hated Cordelia. They had always hated Cordelia. They had a "We Hate Cordelia" club. So how could he go and kiss her?

She had started to head for home when she'd left the school but being the helpful person that she was Willow convinced herself to turn around and ignore her pain for the time being in order to do her part in trying to figure out how to destroy the Judge. Big Mistake!

Angel's behavior had confused her at first. Why was he hiding in the shadows trying to entice her closer? Not that hiding in the shadows was a new thing for him. In fact, he was pretty good at it. It was one of the reasons Xander constantly joked that they should get a bell for Angel to wear around his neck.

Her wariness turned out to be warranted when she had been pulled against Angel's very solid body. His hand hadn't been too tight, in fact it was a rather loose grip, but he was pulling her head up and back, forcing her onto her toes in order to keep that grip light. She'd felt her heartbeat instantly escalate and sweat bead on her forehead as she became instantly aware that something was very wrong with her friend.

It wasn't like Angel to mock her or taunt Buffy. And it definitely was not like him to keep her pinned to his body while sporting his game face. Every time he'd opened his mouth to speak she was extremely aware of the very sharp fangs that were poised mere inches from her neck. She'd tried not to tremble with the thought that he could drain her before Xander or Jenny could stop him.

No, this wasn't Angel; this was the demon he had been before being cursed with a soul. This was Angelus. When she and Buffy had stolen Giles' Watcher's Diaries to see what Angel had been like as a human Willow had continued reading after Buffy was done looking at the books. She'd read all about what a vicious killer Angelus had been from the day he was turned until the day he was cursed.

A shiver made its way down her spine at that thought. One of the most dangerous vampires in history was now loose in Sunnydale and after her best friend.

Willow pulled off her clothes as she dragged her body towards her bed. She left her clothes on the floor, letting them fall as they may as she tossed off each piece. She unearthed her nightshirt from under her pillows and pulled it over her head with a sigh. Willow fell face first on her bed, reveling in being off her feet for a moment before getting to her knees in order to pull down the sheets and crawl under them. Willow pulled the comforter up to her chin, rolled onto her side and began to cry.

She hadn't intended to cry. In fact, she had told herself that she wouldn't cry. She insisted that she was just tired and all she wanted to do was sleep. Unfortunately, she didn't listen to herself. The tears that had been building up all day made their escape the minute her head hit the pillow. Silent tears of mourning and frustration slipped from between her closed eyelids, dampening her eyelashes before wetting her cheeks.

Willow found herself mumbling into her pillow as the tears continued to cleanse her body of her frustrations. "Why? Why her? Why not me? How can he want to kiss Cordelia and not me, his best friend? Is it because she's popular? She has big breasts. I bet it's her breasts. I don't have big breasts." Willow paused in her rambling to roll over and grab a tissue off her nightstand. She blew her nose and dabbed at her wet face before rolling back onto her side. Her monologue continued as her tears renewed. "Will anyone ever want me? Malcolm wanted me, but he was a demon. Even Angelus kinda seemed to want me if what I think was poking me in the butt was what I think it was. Am I doomed to only attract demons, if in fact Angelus is attracted to me? Ugh, let's not go there. I don't want Angelus to be attracted to me. He's a demon, a vampire, a bloodsucker. He'd kill me just as soon as look at me. But he didn't…"

Unknown to Willow, her self-pitying ramblings weren't as private as she'd thought. Sitting on her balcony, resting against the glass doors, was the very object of her current musings.

Angelus chuckled quietly to himself as he realized that Willow was even more ripe for his attention than he had hoped. He'd come by to make sure his invitation was still valid. While he was poking around Willow's room he'd heard her come in through the front door. He'd slipped out the balcony doors and closed them silently moments before Willow entered the room. He'd enjoyed her strip tease immensely, surprised by how toned and lithe her body was beneath her loose clothing. A slight frown had appeared on his face as she hid that body beneath an oversized baseball shirt that he vaguely remembered the Soul having seen her in before.

The frown was soon replaced with a devilish grin as he gleefully listened to Willow cry. The only thing sweeter than the tears of grief and loneliness were the tears of fear and pain. Especially if he was the one causing the pain. But that wasn't in the plans for Willow… at least he didn't think it was. The plan could always change.

He hadn't been prepared for her pillow confessional, but he was finding it extremely informative. In retrospect, her vocalization of her thoughts wasn't that surprising. Willow had a tendency to babble, so why wouldn't she do so in the privacy of her own home when she was upset?

Angelus found it amusing to discover that the annoying boy had been making time with the cheerleader. Tension among the ranks was always something that could be fostered and built upon. He'd nearly laughed aloud when Willow began comparing her breasts to those of the cheerleader. True, the redhead lacked for size in the breast department, but from what he'd seen, she had what would be a perfect mouthful.

He wasn't surprised to hear that Willow had realized he'd been aroused when he was holding her at the school. Could you blame him? She had been projecting such fear, anger and confusion, mixed with her incredible innocence. What demon wouldn't be aroused? And apparently she didn't mind, no matter what she was telling herself at the moment.

Angelus waited for at least half an hour after Willow's voice trailed off and her sniveling had stopped before reentering her room. He walked around the bed to sit on the unoccupied side. He took a moment to enjoy the rise and fall of her chest, signaling her deep sleep. His lips curled into a smile as he brushed the long hair off her tear-streaked face. He was tempted to taste her tears, but resisted, not wanting to wake her.

Settling on his side next to her on the bed, Angelus began to whisper in her ear as he continued to stroke her hair. He spoke in a low, seductive voice, careful not to disturb her slumber.

"Willow, sweet Willow. Do you have any idea what you're doing to me? I've been hard since I had you in my arms last night. Do you have any idea how painful a twenty-four hour erection can be in leather pants? No, you don't. I could have taken care of it myself of course, but every time I touched my large, cool hand to my long, hard cock, I'd find myself unable to make myself cum. How could I give myself satisfaction with my strong, callused hand when all I wanted to feel was your warm, soft flesh against mine. Your hand wrapped around my dick, stroking it with firm strokes, warm fingers caressing the large sensitive head, spreading the moisture into my skin. Or even better, your warm, wet mouth surrounding my cock, taking it deep into your throat. How could my hand compare with spreading your legs and sinking into your tight heat, burying myself to the hilt inside you, pumping my cock deep inside you until you come around me, squeezing me with your cunt, wringing the jism out of me."

'Christ,' Angelus thought, 'I'm making myself hard with all this talk. It's starting to sound pretty good too.' He rubbed himself through his pants, causing his cock to swell even more in its confines.

His efforts were rewarded when Willow whimpered and moaned in her sleep. She leaned into Angelus' caress. He bent his head, inhaling the faint scent of her arousal. He smirked in satisfaction.

"Until later, my sweet," he whispered, brushing his lips against her forehead in a ghost of a kiss. He rose from the bed and secured the balcony doors behind him. 'Phase one complete,' he thought as he went off in search of Drusilla. He needed to get off soon and he knew his insane childe would be more than happy to help.


Part Two

Angelus entered the factory feeling very optimistic. On his walk home, a wonderful idea had occurred to him. Now he just needed his childe's help.

"Drusilla," he called out playfully. "Are you here princess?"

Drusilla entered the room, pushing Spike in his wheelchair.

"Here we are," she answered in the distracted tone Angelus had been surprised to discover he'd missed hearing.

"Have fun playing with your dinner?" Spike asked, not really caring what the answer was.

"Spike, my boy, Willow is no vampire's dinner," Angelus smirked.

"You have plans for the girl?" the blond pressed. Angelus always invented fun ways to pass the time.

"Daddy's got a new toy," Drusilla sagely observed. She glided over to where Angelus was sitting on the large table and rested her head on his shoulder. "I can smell her on you. Sugar and spice and everything nice," she scrunched up her nose in disgust. "We'll make her nice and flat – flat on her back."

"Yes, Dru, we will," Angelus agreed, still somewhat amazed at how perceptive she could be at times.

"Care to clue me in?" Spike interrupted.

"It's not your concern," Angelus snapped. "You'll know if I decide you need to know."

"And I don't need to know," Spike finished.

"I always knew you were a smart one," Angelus smirked. "Come, Drusilla. I have an itch that needs to be scratched."

Angelus led the dark beauty towards his bedroom, whispering to her the plan he had formulated on his way home. Spike could hear her giggle of delight as he glumly wheeled himself back to his room.


A cry of passion woke Willow in the pre-dawn hours of morning. Her eyes shot open as her body settled back on the bed. Her breath was coming fast, her skin was flushed, and she blushed as she noticed that her panties were wet.

Willow closed her eyes again and as images from her dream came back to her she realized that the cry that had woken her had come from her own mouth.

She had never had a dream like this before. And it wasn't just the content of the dream that was new, but also the leading male… Angel. No, not Angel, Angelus.

Her heartbeat quickened again as images and sensations replayed themselves behind her closed eyelids. Angelus kissing her, his tongue sweeping her mouth, the cool muscle absorbing her heat. Angelus suckling at her breasts, the intense pressure hardening her nipples to an almost painful degree.

Willow touched her hand to her breasts and could swear that they were still sore from unaccustomed attention.

She saw Angelus standing naked before her, his pale flesh glowing in the moonlight. Her eyes were drawn to his magnificent cock as he stroked himself. She took over for him, running her hand along his length, learning his texture, marveling at how the flesh hardened even more under her touch. Her mouth replaced her hand, tasting him, swallowing his flesh.

Next she was on her back on a large bed, black silk sheets beneath her, Angelus inside her. Her legs were wrapped around his hips as he moved within her. He played with her hair as he whispered in her ear, telling her how beautiful she looked, how much he wanted her, how good she felt. His words had as great an effect on her arousal as his actions. Before she knew it she was crying out from a previously unknown pleasure coursing through her body, setting her skin on fire and making her muscles contract around the flesh still inside her, causing it to convulse and erupt with its own release.

The last thing she remembered before she woke was his voice. 'Soon,' he'd promised.

"Soon," Willow repeated, alone in her room.

A part of her wanted that to be true, the part of her that was still on fire from his touch. Another part of her wanted to be repulsed for having her first erotic dream about a demon. She had never fantasized about Angel, comfortable with the idea that he was Buffy's. So why was she suddenly dreaming about sleeping with his soulless counterpart?

Willow rolled onto her side. Her fingers accidentally grazed her lips as she settled her arm next to her chest. After a brief pause, she brushed her fingertips against her lips again. Her hand followed a recently dreamed path up her jawline, down her neck, and along her collarbone.

Willow worried her bottom lip with her teeth, wondering what she was doing. She'd never touched herself before, and now she found her hands and body screaming for her to do just that.

'Don't think, just feel,' Willow heard Angelus say and decided to do just that.

She sat up and pulled her nightshirt over her head. Laying back she felt decidedly naughty. Her long hair teased and tickled her skin like her dream lover's lips.

Her hand slowly returned to where it had stopped on her collarbone, only now its descent was unhindered. She let her fingers trail down between her breasts. Her other hand joined its mate and together they began to skim the edges of her breasts. With feather-light circles, she moved up her breasts until she neared her nipples. She flicked at her nipples with her fingernails, mimicking Angelus' teeth playing with her.

While one hand continued to tease her breasts, the other trailed down her belly, fluttering with need. It took a wandering path, running over her sides and back again before finally reaching her plain white cotton panties.

She hesitated for several seconds before tentatively running her fingers over the cotton. She could feel the hair trapped beneath the material. Unconsciously spreading her legs, Willow finally ran her fingers over the wet spot on her panties. She shuddered at the contact. Lifting her hips, Willow shimmied out of her panties, tossing them on the floor with her nightshirt.

Her fingers ran through her curls, feeling the coarseness in comparison with the hair brushing against her breasts. When the teasing became too much Willow slid her fingers along the length of her folds, barely parting them.

Her fingertips dipped beneath the surface and Willow was amazed to discover how wet she was. She had never been so aroused before – and to think it was all from a dream. One finger cautiously made its way inside her, her muscles clenching around the intruder. She withdrew the finger and when it was pulled back in she could feel the ghost of larger fingers and an even larger cock taking this same path.

Her fingers easily glided up to find the bundle of nerves calling out for attention. As she stimulated her clit, the hand on her breast renewed its effort to bring Willow the release her body so deeply desired. Her hands began to move in sync, heightening the stimulation. As wound up as her body already was, it didn't take long for her to tense as wave after wave of pleasure wracked her body. She bit her lip in her attempt to remain silent, a slight whimper escaping her mouth.

Willow remained still on her bed as she came down from her high. She was still slightly in shock that she had just done what she'd done. The hand on her breast trailed up over slick, sweaty flesh to brush the hair away from her face.

It wasn't until her breathing had returned to normal that Willow realized that her hand was still between her legs. Blushing in the dark, Willow brought her sticky fingers closer to her face. She sniffed her fingers, having overheard guys say that girls smelled funny, down there. She shrugged, not seeing what the big deal was. She rolled over and retrieved a tissue from her nightstand and cleaned her fingers. Then she almost shyly ran the tissue between her legs.

Tossing the tissue on the floor with her clothing, Willow rolled over and pulled the covers up to her chin.

As she drifted off to sleep she mumbled, "Soon, Angelus, soon."


Across town, Angelus was preparing for a long day in bed, having used his childe's body for the last several hours to sate his own desires. Once he had described his game to her, Drusilla had been more than happy to play along.

Angelus well remembered her unusual talent for mind manipulation. At first he had thought that it was simply effective thrall. Until the day he watched her play with the mind of a man he had been torturing from a different room entirely. Tonight he had persuaded her to simply project their time in bed together into the redhead's mind, replacing herself with Willow.

"Did it work, princess?" he asked the dark-haired beauty lying beside him, who was just coming out of her trance.

"Naughty thoughts and naughtier touching, someone has earned a reward," Drusilla sing-songed. "Daddy's toy is waiting to be played with by hands other than her own."

"Then played with she shall be," he smirked.


Part Three

Willow spent much of the day in a daze. Luckily her friends were all lost in worlds of their own, so they didn't notice Willow's distraction. At the strangest moments she would remember parts of her dream, and what it had led to, causing her to blush and rub her thighs together at her renewed arousal.

That night Willow let Buffy drag her to the Bronze. She wasn't really in a dancing mood, but then again, neither was Buffy. They desperately needed the distraction. Both girls hoped that they could burn enough energy to drop them into a dreamless sleep that night.

Angelus watched from the balcony. Anyone watching him would be thoroughly amused at the expressions chasing each other across his face as he watched the Soul's former lover and his soon-to-be lover lose themselves in the music. A deep frown, mixed with revulsion, would mar his handsome face when his eyes fell on the Slayer. For the umpteenth time he wondered how the Soul could have allowed itself to get close enough to a Slayer to fuck her without draining her.

When his eyes fell on Willow though… a devilish smile of satisfaction would brighten his face. Tonight she carried an air of loss and confusion… and need. She probably didn't even realize that she was dancing more sensually tonight than she had ever dared to before. There was an extra sway to her hips and her hands caressed her body as if she were imitating a lover's touch. 'A dream lover's touch at any rate,' Angelus thought smugly.

"Soon, my sweet," he promised her from his perch, his voice a rumbling purr. "Very soon."


Buffy insisted on walking Willow home from the Bronze, especially now that Angelus was on the loose. She didn't know that Angelus had followed them out of the club and, using his vampiric speed, was already waiting for Willow inside her home.

The friends glumly said their goodbyes on Willow's doorstep, each trying to assure the other that everything would be okay in the end, neither fully believing it.

Willow sighed when she closed and locked the door behind her. She had too much going on in her own mind to deal with Buffy's pain right now. She dragged her tired feet up the stairs to her bedroom, pulling her cardigan off as she walked.

The bedside lamp turned on as she closed her bedroom door. Her hands were poised to remove her shirt when the light went on, startling her. Willow yelped and spun around to see who was in her room.

She was not prepared to see Angelus comfortably stretched out on her bed, wearing nothing but a very form-fitting pair of black leather pants and a leer.

"Don't stop on my account," he purred, blatantly running his eyes over Willow's trembling body.

"What… How… What are you doing here?" Willow barely managed to ask.

Her thoughts were running a mile a minute. 'Angelus. Almost naked Angelus is in my room. There's a boy in my room. No, not a boy, a man. Not even a man, a vampire. How'd he get in here? What is he doing in my bedroom? Did he just say, "Don't stop?"'

Angelus smoothly rose from the bed with a feline grace no mortal man could hope to possess. For every step he took towards her, Willow took one back until she was pressed against her closed bedroom door.

Stalking closer, Angelus reveled in the scents coming from this girl. She was completely intoxicating. Oh, there was fear – glorious, nervous, fear – but there were also the ever-present scents of curiosity and innocence, along with a strong, almost overpowering scent of arousal.

Angelus stopped when his body was only inches from touching Willow's. "What's the matter, little one? Not happy to see me?"

Willow had no idea how to answer him. Was she happy to see a sadistic vampire shirtless in her bedroom? Not really. Even as her body cried out for her to touch him, to let him touch her, she knew it wasn't right.

He watched the thoughts run behind her eyes. Her body was telling him everything he needed to know, but he was curious as to what her mind would allow her to admit. Very slowly, almost imperceptibly, she nodded her head in the affirmative. Angelus' smirk grew.

"What do you want from me?" Willow asked in a voice barely above a whisper. She met his playful eyes, wondering what he could possibly want with meek, little Willow.

Angelus closed the remaining distance between them, pressing his hips into hers, leaving her no doubt what he was doing there. Her eyes widened in surprise, feeling the hard press of his erection against her belly.

She wildly began to shake her head 'No,' fear flooding her eyes with tears.

Angelus nodded his head in counterpoint, hardening even more at her reaction. Dipping his head, Angelus lowered his face to her neck, inhaling her fear.

"You smell delicious," he whispered in her ear. "Has anyone ever told you that?"

Fighting back with sarcasm, Willow said, "Oh yeah, I constantly have vamps smelling me up and giving me compliments."

Angelus chuckled, the sound arousing Willow's body, pushing away the fear she was trying to hold on to. "You've got fire in you, I like it." He rocked his hips into her again.

Willow whimpered, cringing inwardly at her body's betrayal. She wanted him; she knew that. She wanted what he'd made her feel in her dream. And he wasn't making it easy to refuse him.

Willow pressed her back harder into the door, meeting his eyes once again. "Why me?" she meekly asked.

What could he tell her? Because fucking her would hurt the slayer. Because virgins were so much fun to break. Because her pain called to him. Because he was bored. All true, but none of those would get her out of her clothes and under him.

He schooled his features to try to appear honest. "Because you want me. Me, not that whining, soulful idiot who spent all of his time brooding and lusting after the slayer." Willow tried to shake her head in denial. "Don't lie to yourself. I could smell it all over you at the school, when I had you pressed against my body. You knew who I was and still you became aroused." Willow's jaw dropped in realization of just how powerful a vampire's sense of smell was. Angelus smirked. "Yes, I knew. Then I saw you dancing tonight… your body is crying out for some attention, isn't it?" Willow nodded, knowing it was pointless to try to lie to him. "I just want to give you what you want."

Willow's breath caught. Her mind wanted to believe his soft-spoken words of desire. Her body had been telling her to submit to him all day. With two such powerful forces working against her, Willow found herself unable to resist any longer.

Releasing the death grip she'd had on her shirt since spotting Angelus on her bed, Willow tentatively slid her hands around his back and lifted her face to brush her lips against his.

Angelus wanted to crow in triumph. He contented himself with growling in pleasure and took Willow's mouth in a devouring kiss.

Willow didn't know what to do. She'd never been kissed like this before. She began to mimic his mouth's movements, learning from a master what to do. With her mind currently occupied, her hands began to wander the bare flesh beneath them.

Angelus knew she would be inexperienced, that was the only downside to bedding virgins. He was a little surprised at how quickly she was catching on though. She'd always been a smart one, and right now, he was extremely grateful that he'd picked her to toy with. Her gentle touches on his back were driving him crazy – she had no idea how strongly her light caresses were arousing him.

When he remembered that she needed to breathe, another downside to human lovers, Angelus lifted the slight girl into his arms and carried her to the bed. Her body was so busy reeling from all of the new sensations that it didn't notice it was being revealed to hungry eyes. It began to pay attention when it was suddenly faced with a completely naked, and fully aroused, vampire.

Willow blinked at the erection staring her in the face, seeming to wave hello. She cocked her head to the side, her natural curiosity overcoming her nervousness. Reaching out with a hand, she carefully explored it with her fingertips, wondering how it could become erect when the body was technically dead. That thought sent a shiver of revulsion down her spine and she quickly turned off her brain again.

Angelus dug his nails into his palms as the soft, warm hand explored his hard flesh. He'd known she'd be curious. Hell, he'd expected she'd want to touch him. But she was using those damn light touches again. It was taking all of his control to resist pushing her back and ramming inside her. But if he was going to break her, then he'd need to make her enjoy this.

Pulling her hand away from him, Angelus recaptured Willow's mouth. Easing her back on the bed, he began to stroke her body, trying to use the same, gentle, unfulfilling touches she'd been using on him. Willow moaned into the kiss and arched into his hand, trying to get more contact.

Angelus smiled into the kiss at her writhing motions. Trailing his hand up her body, he continued to feather caresses against her heated flesh. When he reached a breast he changed tactics and pinched her nipple.

Willow reeled back at the sudden pain in her breast, breaking the kiss to glare at Angelus. He didn't see the look on her face as he used the opportunity to move his kisses down to her neck. Her body tensed at having the vampire at her neck, and Angelus inhaled deeply. His hand gentled its caresses again, exploring the soft mounds of flesh as his mouth became familiar with Willow's neck.

Once again, Willow found herself unsure of how to react. She wanted to get away from him for pinching her a minute ago. She wanted to press herself closer to him to prolong the way his hands were now exploring her breasts. She wanted to get away before he bit her. She wanted his bite.

In the end, she realized that he would do whatever he wanted and she'd be powerless to stop him. Better to enjoy the softness while it lasted.

Angelus felt the tension leave the body beneath him. He smiled against her skin, gently nipping with human teeth at her pulse point. It was time to taste the flesh his hands had already become acquainted with. Sweeping down her body, Angelus hungrily took a breast in his mouth, suckling hard.

Willow moaned in pleasure, arching her back, pressing her breast farther into the cool, wet mouth surrounding it. The suddenness of the motion had taken her off-guard, not that she'd ever have been able to prepare herself for this sensation anyway. Her fingers found themselves threading through his hair, keeping him where he was.

Angelus was pleased to discover that he'd been right – a perfect mouthful. The hands in his hair, occasionally tugging at the strands, only served to encourage him. When he decided to give this breast's mate equal treatment, his hand returned to exploring Willow's body.

Angelus groaned in pleasure when one of his fingers made its way into Willow's center. She was every bit as tight and hot as he'd expected her to be, perhaps even more so. He couldn't wait to sink his cock into that tight heat, but he needed to loosen her up just a bit first so it wouldn't be too uncomfortable.

Willow's hips involuntarily raised and a sound she couldn't identify escaped her lips when she felt Angelus' finger inside her. Granted, her own fingers had been there the night before, but his fingers were much larger. If that's how one of his fingers felt, then what would his penis feel like inside her? Her body shuddered with pleasure as he added a second finger and she knew it wouldn't be long before she found out.

Willow skimmed one of her hands down Angelus' back, curved it around one perfect ass cheek, and traced his hip bone back around to encircle his erection. Angelus bucked into her hand, the gesture surprising him, despite the wandering trail her hand had taken to get there.

"Willow," he growled against her flesh, her responsiveness driving him insane with need.

"Yes, please," she mindlessly panted, increasing her hand's stroking.

Angelus surged over her body, taking her mouth in a brutal kiss as he positioned himself at her entrance. He thought about warning her that it would hurt, but she was a smart girl, she probably already knew that. Without further ado, he plunged into the redhead beneath him, breaking through her maidenhead in one smooth stroke.

Willow bit Angelus' lip at the sudden motion, nearly drawing blood, a whimper catching at the back of her throat. She'd heard that it would hurt, and given Angelus' size, she'd had little doubt that it would. Still, she wasn't prepared for the suddenness of the intrusion into her body.

Angelus stilled above her, allowing her a brief moment to recover.

"Sorry," Willow apologized, meeting Angelus' eyes to make sure he wasn't upset with her for the bite.

"It's understandable," he told her. He then gripped her jaw, forcing her to understand his next statement. "Just this once."

Willow's eyes went wide at the command, but she managed to nod her head within his grip. Much to her shame, she also felt her heartbeat increase at the dominance he was showing her. Willow leaned up and seductively licked the lip she had bitten before kissing it to make it better.

Angelus couldn't believe his luck. Apparently little mousy Willow liked to be dominated. He allowed her to control the kiss for a while as he began to move within her. He started with long, slow strokes, having to fight against the tightness of her body for room to move. As her body adjusted to his intrusion, he started moving in earnest.

Willow's fingers dug into Angelus' shoulders as he began to repeatedly rock his hips into hers. Her body couldn't decide whether to wince or whimper, moan or mewl. The feeling of him moving inside her, filling her and withdrawing, over and over, went from uncomfortable, to kinda okay, to "so that's what everyone's talking about." A deep, throaty moan welled up inside her until it could no longer contain itself. Her head dropped back, exposing her neck as she met his thrusts with her own.

It was the moan that nearly sent him over the edge. That long sound of pleasure coming from this girl's lips was nearly his undoing. He refocused his eyes on her face, soaking in her pleasure-filled expression. Her head was thrown back, her long, graceful neck exposed to him. What self-respecting vampire could refuse such an invitation?

Angelus lowered his head to lick, nibble and kiss the tantalizing flesh before him. He increased his pace, feeling his climax nearing. He could feel Willow's inner muscles beginning to clench in preparation for her own climax. Her fingernails reflexively digging into his back only served to heighten his pleasure. His face still buried in her neck, Angelus dropped his human mask and gently pierced Willow's flesh.

Willow's orgasm had just begun when she felt the fangs ease into her neck. The intense pleasure wracking her body was so much better than her dream and what she'd given to herself. Her wordless keening suddenly took form as she panted out, "Oh, oh… A-an-gel-u-us."

The combination of her tightly clenching walls, and her intoxicating blood threw Angelus headlong into his own release. He emptied himself inside her as he drew her rich blood into his mouth.

He remained where he was for several minutes, simply enjoying the warm body beneath and around him, as he lapped at the wound in Willow's neck. He half expected her to freak out, start crying about what a bad girl she was, or what a monster he was to take advantage of her. Her silence surprised him more. So did her slight whimper of protest when he disentangled his body from hers.

Willow wanted to ask him what happened next. She wanted to know what it all meant. She wanted to know if she'd ever see him again… be with him again. She wanted to rail at him for using her like this, for surely that was what he was doing. That was one thing Willow had no delusions about.

Angelus stood and began to dress. He could feel Willow's eyes on him the entire time. It wasn't until he sat on the bed to tie his shoes that he finally looked at her, only to be met with a contented expression that held a tinge of wistfulness around the eyes.

He knew he'd have to talk to her before he left, but he really wasn't looking forward to a scene.

"What?" he gruffly asked.

After thinking for a moment about what she wanted to say, Willow simply whispered, "Thank you."

Angelus couldn't school his features fast enough to completely hide his surprise at that statement. Granted, he didn't know what to expect from this girl, but that definitely wasn't on the list.

"Thank you?" he questioned.

Willow slowly grinned, looking very much like the cat that ate the canary, sated and satisfied. "For giving me what I wanted."

Angelus ran his eyes over the woman on the bed, for that was how she was behaving. Willow had rolled onto her side, facing him. Her body looked almost serpentine, one arm behind her head, his mark displayed on her neck, her free arm resting on her hip. Wide, innocent eyes met his when they returned to her face.

He smirked, realizing that he and his new toy would have many nights of fun together. "The pleasure, my dear, was all mine."

Angelus leaned forward and gave Willow one last, passion filled kiss. Before he could succumb to temptation to take her again, he abruptly stood and left the room out the balcony doors.

Willow smiled as she heard his voice drift back to her.

"Soon," it said.


Part Four

Willow hovered on her front porch, uncertainty weighing heavily on her mind. A part of her wanted to curl up in her bed and indulge in her thoughts and memories. The larger part of her wanted to go in search of Angelus. Yet she was afraid to.

She had spent her entire Saturday reliving her night with Angelus. She couldn't believe that she had had sex with him. She had willing invited a ruthless vampire into her bed and into her body.

Her fingers drifted up to her neck, again, to lightly run over the bite mark marring her once-perfect skin. Angelus had bitten her. She had let him bite her. And she'd liked it. Willow paced back towards the house.

When she reached the front door, she placed her hand on the knob, ready to open the door and return to the safety of her home. She changed her mind and began to pace back towards the street again. Angelus had wanted her. He could have gone after anyone, but he had chosen her to play with.

'Play… such an appropriate word,' Willow thought. Yes, Angelus was playing with her. She wasn't a fool. Willow knew that Angelus hadn't come to her with notions of romance or love. He wasn't the type to love. He was using her to pass the time. A warm body to sate his desires. Yet it was her body he had chosen.

Willow didn't know how to feel about this knowledge. She was a modern girl…woman. She should be repulsed by the idea that she was a plaything to be used for some man's pleasure. She had tried to hate the idea, but she couldn't. In all honesty, she had enjoyed her time with Angelus, very much.

Granted, she had been scared and nervous, especially when he'd demanded that she wasn't to bite him again after she had accidentally done so. The cold, harsh, commanding tone of his voice should have made her try to force him away from her, no matter how futile the attempt would have been. But what had she done? She'd gotten wetter at that tone in his voice, at the stern look on his face, at the tight grip he'd had on her face.

Willow's cheeks flushed – in shame, in arousal. "This is so wrong," she mumbled to herself, heading back towards the house again. "I shouldn't have enjoyed that. I shouldn't want to hear that tone in his voice again. I shouldn't want to sleep with him again." Willow sat down and buried her head in her hands. "But I do."

She needed to talk to Angelus. She needed to hear him say that he was just playing with her and it wouldn't happen again. She needed to know that there wasn't any hope that he'd want to satisfy these yearnings again. This sudden, uncontrollable urge she felt to throw herself at his feet and beg him to make her feel that way one more time. Make her feel beautiful, and wanted, and desired… one more time.

Willow pushed herself off the steps and started pacing again. No, she wouldn't beg. Begging was beneath her. She wouldn't lower herself to beg for a vampire to have sex with her. To excite her and make her feel better than she could ever remember feeling before. To tell her what to do and show her pleasures she had only heard and read about.

'What was I saying?' she distractedly thought to herself, stopping mid-pace. 'Oh yeah, no begging the sexy vampire to show you pleasures of the flesh. What about asking? Can I ask him? No, asking is just as bad. But what if I just go to talk to him and he just happens to want to have sex with me again. That'd be okay, right?'

Willow was so lost in her mental debate that she hadn't noticed that the sun had set. Angelus had been watching her pace in front of her house for a good half an hour already. He found it highly amusing, especially when she started talking to herself aloud.

'This is going to be a piece of cake,' he thought.

Slipping out of the shadows, Angelus quickly and silently crossed the street. Willow was so distracted that she didn't even notice she wasn't alone until she found herself being pulled back against a hard body. Her heart pounded in her chest as she yelped in shock.

Angelus leaned down, inhaling the scent of her fear. "Didn't anyone ever tell you it isn't safe for little girls to be alone outside at night?" he purred in her ear.

Willow's body instantly relaxed when she heard Angelus' voice. He wasn't going to make her into a meal, at least not yet. "Angelus," she exhaled in relief, leaning into his body, giving him better access to her neck.

Angelus growled in pleasure at her acceptance of him. Yes, this was the girl for him, the perfect toy.

He spun her around, keeping her arms pinned to her body. "So were you going somewhere, waiting to become some fledgling's meal, or hoping I'd stop by?" he forcefully asked.

"You," Willow breathed, her body involuntarily shuddering at the possessive tone in his voice. She swallowed hard before she could continue. "I wanted to talk to you."

Angelus pulled her body flush with his, grinding his hips into hers. "Talk?" he smirked.

Willow closed her eyes, taking her bottom lip between her teeth at the feeling of his growing erection pressing against her. She nodded her head, opening her eyes to meet his stare. She quietly added, "Maybe more?"

Angelus' smirk grew. "Inside." He released the strong grip he had on her and placed a hand on the small of her back, ushering her towards the door.

Willow silently unlocked the door and stepped inside, waiting for Angelus to step into the room before closing and locking the door behind her. She shifted her weight back and forth between her feet as she nervously asked, "Do you want to talk in the living room?"

Angelus' lip curled, her need to be told what to do beckoning to him like a beacon. She was so ready to be taken under his wing. In answer to her question he shook his head. "Bedroom."

Willow's heartbeat quickened again. He wanted to go to her bedroom. And he was using that tone of voice. Her insides were slowly beginning to melt. With weak knees Willow turned and headed up the stairs, Angelus confidently strutting behind her.

Willow jumped slightly at the sound of the door clicking shut behind her. She was surprised to find that Angelus was already sitting on her bed, leaning against the headboard, ankles crossed, his hands resting on his lap.

"So you wanted to talk?" he opened when Willow continued to silently stare at him.

"Talk?" Willow repeated, distractedly. Images of Angelus naked and pleasuring her filled her vision. She blushed as she realized that he must be able to scent her arousal, the smirk on his face confirming that notion.

"Right, talk. I, um, I wanted to, uh, thank you, again, for the other night," she stammered.

"I believe you already thanked me," Angelus reminded her, pleased that she enjoyed herself so much. He moved to the edge of the bed, leaning closer to her. "Now that's not why you were pacing back in forth in your front yard for at least an hour. Tell me why you wanted to find me."

"Why…" Willow started fidgeting again, her embarrassment growing. She licked her lips and tried again. "Why did I like it when you got all commander-y and forceful? Why did I like it when you bit me?"

'I knew it!' Angelus mentally crowed. "Come here," he told her. Willow swiftly moved to stand in front of him, still looking nervous. He took her hands in his, rubbing soothing circles on the back of her hands with this thumbs.

"You enjoyed being told what to do, submitting to a vampire?" he asked, trying to keep his amusement out of his voice.

Willow flushed with embarrassment and nodded her head, unable to meet his eyes.

"Look at me." Her eyes immediately flew up to meet his. "That's nothing to be embarrassed about, little one. There are plenty of people, women, who enjoy giving up control to someone else."

"Control?" she asked in disbelief. "No, that's not… I never had any control. I mean you're a vampire, you'd just force me if I didn't cooperate."

"Is that what you think happened? That you were coerced?" he growled.

"No," Willow feverishly shook her head. "No, I wanted to, believe me I really wanted to, with you. I just meant…"

"I know what you meant," he leered. "Let me rephrase: There are women who enjoy submitting themselves, body and mind, to someone else's control. By allowing another to tell you what to do, it frees you to enjoy what pleasures can be shown to you, just as your submission gives your Master pleasure."

"Master…" Willow softly repeated, testing the word on her tongue. It shamed her how much she enjoyed the feel of the word, especially when she thought of applying it to Angelus.

The softly spoken word sent a bolt of desire straight to his cock. Angelus had sensed that there was a true submissive hiding inside Willow, but to hear her call him Master, even if not in earnest, made him believe that he had found himself the perfect pet. Training her was going to be a true pleasure.

Angelus drew upon memories the Soul had of this girl that supported his belief. Her eagerness to help, falling into line behind the Slayer's authority. She had been lost and lonely, suffering and wallowing in geekdom with the moron... until she met the Slayer. Willow had begun to blossom under the authority of the Watcher and Slayer both. She was in her element when she was being directed. Granted it was usually to read a book or surf the internet, or even something as simple as to stay out of harm's way, but she had loved it.

And now she was staring at him with the dawning realization that she wanted that. She craved having someone tell her what to do and how to behave. She wanted a Master's command and a Master's touch to awaken her true nature. And if the scent of her growing arousal was any indication, she wanted to learn those lessons in the bedroom.

Oh, she was naïve as to all that being a submissive entailed – the pleasure that would accompany being disciplined – but she had shown an affinity for that already as well. She had enjoyed his bite, heightening her climax. She had enjoyed when he'd ruthlessly pinched her nipples, then soothed the pain away.

"You shall call me Master when we are alone," he instructed her in a stern, yet comforting voice. "And I shall show you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. In return, you will learn to pleasure me."

His voice was hypnotic. Willow found herself drowning in the rich brown of his eyes. He seemed to make all of her confusion dissipate in a cloud of smoke. It felt like he was offering her what she had always wanted, but never knew that she wanted it.

Could she do that? Give up control to one of the most ruthless vampires in history? Yes, he was a vicious killer, but not with her. He had been so good to her the other night, living out her dream, making her first time wonderful. He seemed to know exactly what she needed… just like now. He was offering her something she had secretly always craved – to be told what to do, to know her place, to be wanted and acknowledged as someone useful and desirable.

A line from one of her favorite childhood movies popped into her head. "Just love me, fear me, do as I say, and I will be your slave." Although Sarah had denied Jareth, the Goblin King after solving the Labyrinth, Willow had often wondered what would have happened had she accepted his offer. Could someone with so much power truly be a slave to someone who submitted to him? In her heart of hearts she knew she was about to find out.

Angelus watched as she waged an inner battle. He knew what her answer would be, and wondered what arguments she was using to convince herself that it was going to be not only okay to submit to him, but extremely pleasurable as well. He saw her eyes focus on his face again, a slow smile lighting her face.

"Please, Master, show me."


Part Five

"Please, Master, show me."

Angelus wanted to hike up her skirt and fuck her senseless at her softly uttered words. He couldn't remember being this turned on in a very long time. And it was all due to a shy, submissive, redheaded teenager, waiting to be shown the world.

The demon wanted to laugh in glee at the trust she was putting in him. Didn't she know that she was submitting herself to a vampire? Vampires are notoriously sadistic by nature – and Angelus even more so. Could she truly be that naïve? Did she think this was going to be a simple control game?

As much as it pained him to do so, Angelus felt that he needed to make sure she understood what she was getting herself into. 'Fucking soul residue,' he complained to himself.

"Believe me, I will," Angelus purred. "But first, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I want to make this situation perfectly clear. You are going to be my plaything, my pet, to do with what I wish. It won't all be sexual, but let's be honest, it mostly will be." He took a moment to admire the blush that spread across Willow's face. "I'm not going to pretend to be some noble lover. No matter what my desires may be, you are going to fulfill them – whether I just want to fuck, or play around first. I have some wonderful toys just waiting to be broken in – handcuffs, floggers, crops, that kind of thing."

Angelus smirked with satisfaction at Willow's deeper flush, increased heartbeat and growing arousal. 'Oh yeah, this girl is perfect. She's just dying to be disciplined.'

Willow wanted to scream at her body for its betrayal. She had never imaged having the instruments Angelus was rattling off used on her before. She especially never would have imagined them sounding like instruments of pleasure, in addition to pain. Yet when Angelus said their names, and promised to use them on her, she found herself wanting just that.

A frown unconsciously began to pull her face down as she wondered what was wrong with her.

Angelus noticed her frown and testily asked, "What's wrong?"

"What's wrong with me?" Willow whispered, unsure if she wanted an answer.

Angelus grinned. "Nothing's wrong with you. You're simply realizing things about yourself you didn't know before." His demon taunted him in his head, 'Wuss! Don't try to comfort her, just tell her this is the way things are.' Countering himself, he argued, 'But a willing slave is so much more fun to dominate.' That shut the demon up, for a while.

Willow frantically shook her head in denial. "I'm human, I shouldn't want you to use those things on me."

Chuckling, Angelus said, "Sweet Willow, you wouldn't be the first human to derive pleasure from instruments of pain." When she looked about to protest, he said the thing he knew would be able to convince her, waving an arm towards her computer. "Check it out for yourself. Research is your forte isn't it? Go online, see for yourself."

Willow looked at him warily, wanting to protest, but not wanting to anger him. She slowly crossed the room and booted up the computer. As she waited to log onto the internet she risked asking him a question.

"Why are you letting me do this?"

'That's what I keep saying,' the demon agreed. "Because," Angelus ground out before softening his voice, "You need to know that it's okay to do this. I could take you by force, but does that sound like fun to you?" He saw Willow shift in the chair, and decided to rephrase that. "Trust me, you'll enjoy yourself much more once you give up your reservations."

Willow accepted his answer and turned back to the computer. She quickly pulled up a browser and did a search on D/s. What she found amazed her. She soon forgot about the vampire exploring her bedroom as she read the accounts of various submissives. She saw that there was indeed a large community of people who enjoyed this lifestyle and weren't ashamed of it. She doubted that these people she read about were involved with vampires, but she didn't see how that was much different from the people who enjoyed S&M. She also read about some things she didn't think Angelus wanted her to know about, like safety words.

By the time she logged off of the internet and shut down her computer a little over an hour later, Willow's doubts had just about all been quashed. She rose from the chair intent on seeking out Angelus.

She didn't have far to look. He was lounging on her bed wearing nothing but his pants, reading her diary.

"What are you doing?" she cautiously asked.

"Being bored," he succinctly told her, tossing her diary on the floor. "Geez, Willow, what did you do for excitement before I came along?"

"I help Buffy…" she began, trying not to bristle at the insult.

Before she could say anything else he interrupted her. "Find what you were looking for?"

Willow wanted to continue to defend her life, but she knew it was pointless. Instead, she grinned and nodded her head. "There was one thing…" she started to say, crossing towards him.

"Strip." Angelus cut her off.

"Wh-what?" Willow asked, halting both her train of thought and her steps. She wanted to clarify her situation and he wanted her to start following orders right away?

"I don't like to repeat myself," Angelus warned her. "Undress while you're talking."

"Oh… o-kay." Willow began to slowly remove her clothing, trying not to fidget under his stare. "There was one thing I wanted to ask you about." She dropped her shirt on the floor, and shimmied out of her skirt. She looked up at him to see if he'd object to her asking him a question. He motioned for her to continue. Whether it was the striptease or the question, Willow wasn't sure, but she did both. "What about safety words?"

Angelus rolled his eyes. "Stupid humans and their need for safety," he mumbled under his breath. "What about them?" he grumbled aloud to Willow.

"Aren't we going to have one?" she nervously asked, pushing her tights and panties down and maneuvering out of them.

"No." Willow unconsciously took a step back. Angelus emitted a warning growl of displeasure. "We're not in a relationship, Willow. You have every right not to trust me. However, you are going to have to suck it up and do so anyhow." Willow swallowed nervously. Angelus softened his voice. "Unless you want me to leave…"

Willow frantically tried to figure out what to do. She was just starting to get excited about the idea of submitting to Angelus. But all of the websites stressed how important safety was. Then again, they were dealing with human relationships, not human/vampire ones.

Willow knew that Angelus could take her regardless of her decision – keep her locked up at the factory and disregard her pleasure while taking his own. If he truly wanted her for a toy, he didn't need her permission to do so. She should be honored that he was offering to make this an enjoyable experience for her. Especially since she really wanted the pleasures that she had no doubt only he could show her.

Angelus watched amused as Willow's reservations seemed to peel away, relaxing her entire body. She stood before him, hands behind her back, looking at him, but avoiding his eyes.

"Please don't leave, Master."

"Now that's a good pet," Angelus purred. "Come here."

Willow closed the remaining distance between herself and the bed. She stood before Angelus the perfect picture of submission.

"Kneel," Angelus instructed, grinning at her instant compliance. "When you come before me, this is the position you are to be in. You will stay there until I tell you to move. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master," Willow breathed, her heart rate accelerating at the commanding tone of voice.

Angelus stood from the bed, circling around Willow's still form. She was a vision. Her skin shone luminously, her long red hair rested against her back and fell over her shoulders. She was sitting on her heels, which was fine for now, eyes looking straight ahead, hands in her lap.

The tension in Willow's back belied her readiness to fully submit to him, but that would be overcome soon enough. Angelus could sense how difficult the act of staying still was for Willow, but he was in no hurry to release her from the position.

Decades of experience had taught him that the training of a pet was best left non-sexual in the beginning, but he was finding it difficult to keep his distance from this girl. Each slow circle he made around Willow made him a little harder than before. Just as each pass he made increased Willow's anticipation of what would come next.

It shocked her that she was so easily able to notice her increasing arousal levels in the anticipatory silence of her bedroom. The only sounds that were discernable were her increasingly frequent heartbeats, her breathing, and the floorboard that squeaked each time Angelus circled around her. In an effort to remain still, Willow counted the seconds between squeaks of the floorboard, hoping that they would lessen between circles. They didn't.

Finally, Angelus broke the silence. Conversationally he asked, "Why do you wear those hideous tights?"

The sound of his voice startled her, but Willow did her best not to jump. Her brow crinkled in momentary confusion. "My tights? I guess I was brought up thinking that it was proper to cover your legs."

"Buffy doesn't wear tights," he commented, admiring the way Willow wasn't trying to follow him with her head.

"I'm not Buffy," Willow countered, sounding slightly offended.

"Watch your tone," Angelus warned. "I am your Master and you will speak to me with respect." He couldn't keep the grin off his face, despite his ability to keep it out of his voice.

"I'm sorry, Master," Willow promptly apologized.

Accepting without acknowledging the apology, Angelus continued. "While you remain my pet, you are not to wear tights again. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Master," Willow agreed, wondering what the big deal was with her tights.

Angelus saw the question on her face. "Ask your question."

"Why can't I wear tights anymore, Master?"

"It is not your place to question my instructions," Angelus reminded her. "But I'll tell you anyway. In my opinion, the only one that matters by the way, tights are one more barrier to get through; one more thing keeping me from your sweet cunt. They are a sign of modesty and virginity, neither of which you possess around me. It will save everyone a lot of trouble if you cease to wear them."

Willow nodded her head in understanding, knowing she wasn't expected to make a verbal comment.

"Tomorrow after school you are to come to the factory, alone." Angelus began to dress, needing to get out of there before he ravished her and ruined her training. "I don't care if you are supposed to meet with your friends. Come up with an excuse and find me. I'll make sure the minions know not to touch you."

"Thank you. Master?" Willow hesitantly asked.

"Yes, Willow?" Angelus allowed, curious to what she would ask.

"Are you leaving?" Willow nervously asked, daring to raise her eyes to look at him, having expected to have to perform some kind of sex act tonight.

Angelus smirked. "Yes, I'm leaving. As annoying as it is, it is necessary, and as I am sure you saw on your websites, your training must remain hands-off, for now."

"I just assumed you'd ignore such a formality, being a vampire and all," Willow commented without thinking.

"Do you want me to?" he asked, wanting nothing more than to push her up onto her knees and fuck her through the floor.

"You are the Master," Willow demurely replied. "I want whatever you want."

'Take her, fuck her,' the demon taunted him. He would ignore it, for tonight. "Good answer. I'll see you tomorrow. Once I am gone you are free to move."

With that, Angelus slipped out the balcony doors. On the ground, he virtually ran back to the factory, needing to vent his frustrations on his childer.

Willow waited several minutes before she decided that Angelus was truly gone. She stood on shaky legs, thoroughly confused. She supposed she should be glad that he hadn't insisted on having sex with her tonight. Her body chose to disagree.

She never would have imagined that trying to remain still while her Master watched her could turn her on so much. The need to come was overwhelming, but Angelus hadn't said that she could give herself release.

"Damn vampire," she mumbled to herself, proceeding to gather her clothing together and throwing it in the laundry hamper. She reluctantly pulled on her nightshirt and crawled into bed. She tossed and turned, her body aching with need, before drifting off to a restless sleep.

Dreams of Angelus whipping and fucking her senseless brought a smile to her face as she slept.


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