Teacher's Pet Series
* Runner Up at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards Round 1 (Best Series)
* Winner at the Angel & Buffy Awards Round 1 (Outstanding NC-17 Series)
* Winner at the Primordial Souls Awards Round 3 (Best Romance)
* Winner at The Inspiration Awards Round 4 (Best Romance)
* Winner at the Happy Endings Awards Round 1 (Best Willow Fic)
* Winner at the Happy Endings Awards Round 1 (Best Willow/Angel Romance)
* Runner Up at the Happy Endings Awards Round 1 (Best Angel Fic)
* Runner Up at the Shades of Grey Awards Round 18 (Best Willow Het Fic of All Time)
* Winner at the Lie to Me Awards Round 8 (The Continuity Award)
* Winner at the Willowy Goodness Awards 2008 (Best Willow Fic of All Time)

* Runner up at the No Rest For The Wicked Awards Round 5 (I Was Made To Love You)

Impromptu Tutorial - PG-13
Summary: Angel offers to help Willow overcome some insecurities.
This is in response to Wic's Kissing Quotes Challenge.
Status: Complete
* Runner Up at Shades of Grey Awards Round 9 (W/A Romance)
* Second Place at the Willowy Goodness Awards 2004 (Best Willow/Angel Fanfic)

Requested Coaching - PG-13
Summary: Sequel to ' Impromptu Tutorial'. Willow asks Angel for more help.
Status: Complete

Directed Study - R
Summary: Sequel to 'Requested Coaching'. Willow and Angel independently decide
to break up with their significant others. What does this mean for the two of them?
Status: Complete

Illumination - PG
Summary: Sequel to 'Directed Study'. Angel learns of the conditions attached to his soul.
Status: Complete

Gold Star - NC-17
Summary: Sequel to 'Illumination'. Angel rewards Willow for all her hard work.
Status: Complete

Perseverance Has Its Own Rewards - NC-17
Summary: Sequel to 'Gold Star'. Willow decides to reward Angel's patience.
Status: Complete

Final Exam - NC-17
Summary: Sequel to 'Perseverance Has Its Own Rewards'. It's time to make Angel's
soul permanent and for Willow to show that her lessons have paid off.
Status: Complete



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