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So you are curious about the writer behind the stories? Who could blame you? But there's a reason I write fiction and not about reality…

Elisabeth's Bio:
I am a 30 years old SWF. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI. I was a theatre major in high school and a Psychology major in college (almost with a double major in English – but I didn't want to stick around for the extra year it would have taken to double major). After college I decided I'd had enough of my home state and moved to Boston, MA. I have a job with an internet company where despite the fact that I am unofficially second-in-command to my boss, I still seem to spend most of my days bored out of my skull. Luckily that gives me time to write (if it looks like I typing what I'm supposed to, who says I'm not) and read all of the other wonderful stories out there.

My BtVS Ships:
Most of the stories that I write have Willow as the central character. To date she has been paired with: Giles, Giles & Spike, Spike, Spike & Angel, Angel, Angelus, Oz, Lindsey and done crossovers with Charmed & Numb3rs. I've also written a few stories without her - Giles & Angelus, Giles/Spike, and Angel/Lindsey.

How I got into BtVS & Fanfic:
I remember it well… The year was 2001. I had only started watching the show during season five. My roommate (at the time) was an avid Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I was intrigued that Dawn hadn't existed before season five and wanted to know more. Thanks to the wonderful little thing called a rerun and the FX Network I was soon able to see the previous four seasons.

Then, during a BtVS marathon I saw the episode that would become my favorite and planted the seed of my favorite UC 'Ship: Dopplegangland. Yes, when Giles rushed forward to hug Willow upon seeing that she was alive, I began to want to see them together as a couple. I jumped online and performed my first online search for fan fiction. It took one afternoon to seal my fate. I became addicted to reading fan fiction. I spent the next several months reading every W/G fic I could find.

Finally the day came when I said to myself, "I could probably do this." I had been playing around with writing erotica for a little over a year at the time (big surprise) and thought I'd try applying my writing style to my two favorite characters. Willow's Lil' Secret was one of the few sites that I'd come across so far that was taking submissions for W/G fic, so in January 2003 I submitted my first couple of stories ("In the Late Hours of the Night" and "Gifts & Wishes") un-beta'd to the site. I started joining fanfic groups and was soon reading and writing more, even rewriting some of my previous stories to work within the BtVS world.

When one of my best friends told me how much she'd always wanted to see a crossover between BtVS and Charmed, I couldn't resist giving her on paper what never would have happened on television.

Then came the challenge that pulled my attention away from Giles. Wic (Wacky Witch Willow's webmistress) began creating monthly challenges. There was one that intrigued me, but I couldn't see Giles working for it. Hence, my first Willow/Spike story was created, "Quiet Rebellion." Due to popular demand, it was quickly expanded from a one-shot story to a seven part story, which spawned a sequel with Angel, which led to another sequel.

From there, with a little prodding (looks pointedly at Gabrielle), and another one of Wic's challenges, it was a small step to try writing a Willow/Angel story. That one story grew into a series.

With a little more encouragement (thanks Gabrielle, Kat and Lisa) and a lot of handholding from my betas, I took that one step further and tried writing a story with Angelus.

Since then, as new ideas and pairings have come to me I've tried my hand at writing them. Even into other fandoms.

My Heroes Fic:
I have been addicted to the show Heroes since it premiered. I became obsessed with reading fan fiction featuring Peter and Claire (Paire). Given my penchant for older man/younger woman fics, this isn't terribly surprising. However, I surprised myself when a plot bunny bit me for this pairing and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. It didn't take long for me to be completely depraved and become addicted to Peter/Nathan, Peter/Nathan/Claire and Nathan/Claire fic too.

My Brothers & Sisters Fic:
My newest obsession is Justin/Rebecca, from Brothers & Sisters. The chemistry between these characters was so obvious that the producers unrelated them so that they could be a couple. They really are so perfect for each other.

The Website:
July 20, 2003 was the day I published my website. I had written roughly ten W/G stories and two W/S stories at the time, and wanted a place where people who knew my W/G stories and people who had only read the new W/S ones could see the other pairings I wrote. As my 'ships have grown, so has the site, which couldn't make me happier.

July 20, 2005: Why move the site? Over the last couple of years, I had been learning, on my own, more about graphic and web design. Through a combination of trial and error, and some help from my online friends, I have outgrown Geocities. For my birthday last year, my brother gave me Dreamweaver MX, which has allowed me to do so much more with layouts. I also realized that the webhosting package that I have for Hairy Eyeball (see below) allowed me to host up to three websites, so why not take advantage since I'd been wanting to redesign my site anyway. Also, as evidenced by the Fan Art section, I've been playing around with photo manipulations too.

My Other Sites:
When LaDy SiN created the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, it started out as just a Yahoo Group. After several people asked for a website, she reluctantly tried to do one. I offered her suggestions at first since she was using Geocities. Then, since I had the time, I simply offered to create and maintain the website for her.

Those of you who have been with me since I started writing, know that my OTP is Willow/Giles. Admittedly, I came to the pairing (and fanfiction in general) kind of late in the game, so many of the sites devoted to Willow/Giles were pretty much defunct by the time I started writing. Two years later, there is only one W/G archive that is still active, and it is a "by invitation only" site. I took it upon myself to rectify this situation and on March 13, 2005 opened Hairy Eyeball to the public. I have been trying to contact the wonderful W/G authors of the past, as well as putting word out at the groups I belong to, trying to gather together all of the wonderful W/F fiction out there in one place.

This year (2007), I have also taken over the Willowy Goodness Awards. When Jen decided that she didn't want to run the site anymore, rather than let it die I offered to take it off her hands.

My Group:
As the new year rolled around I began to have delusions of grandeur. I thought that I'd give those readers out there who had been supportive of the site and my writing a chance to get the inside scoop on when the site was updated (because I was still/am playing around with it a lot). So on January 3, 2004 I created my own Yahoo Group as an end to that means. If you're interested in joining my group, click here.

I hope you've now learned everything you wanted to know about me and my writing.

Enjoy your stay!

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