Witch's Blood Series
*Runner Up at the Running With Scissors Round 2 (Best Series)

Turning of the Tides - PG-13
Willow confronts Spike after he was tortured by Glory. Written for Vampyre Haven Ficathon.
Status: Complete
* Winner of The Miss Wicca Award at the Lie To Me Awards Round 2
* Second Place at the Willowy Goodness Awards 2005 (Best Willow/Spike Fic)
* Winner at The Scene Stealer Awards Round 1 (Best Spell)

Blood Track Mind - NC-17
Sequel to 'Turning of the Tides'. Spike can't stop thinking about the taste he had of Willow's blood.
Written for the Shades of Grey BtVS Challenge Fic-a-thon.
Status: Complete

Repercussions - NC-17
Sequel to 'Blood Track Mind'. Willow and Spike can't seem to stay away from one another,
and are about to pay for it.
Status: Complete

Doing What Must Be Done - NC-17
Sequel to 'Repercussions'. Willow makes her choice.
Status: Complete


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